Артемий Федин - Head of Project Development в Москва
Артемий Федин
Head of Project Development
Артемий Федин | Head of Project Development
+7 495 128 2778
Садовническая ул. 76/71
  • Телефон +7 495 128 2778

The product that I promote has always been very important for my job. It is a real pleasure when you have to present the stunning yachts Bluewater represents. For me, there is nothing better than admiring luxury yachts from the shore or at a boat show event.

I have had considerable experience in web promotion and advertising as I started to work in the industry when everything was at the very beginning. After 15 years of managing an IT company, the next 8 years were dedicated to developing one of the most exciting projects of web promotion and advertising.

I have run my own company and succeeded in it as my clients are satisfied with what I do and are successful in their business. That is how I was recommended for the Moscow office of Bluewater and I really appreciate the opportunity to become a member of the team.

Today, the internet is the first place where people look for information. Everything changes so fast and we need to be as flexible as possible and always ready to learn. This is both inspiring and motivating. Moreover, this is exactly what I value most of all in my work for Bluewater.